Welcome to May Day Acres in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Breeder of Quality Gypsy Vanner Horses

May Day Acres is a small family farm and ranch near Aberdeen, SD. Where we run an interactive farm that local schools, churches, daycare and other groups can come and visit, in order to learn about farm life. We have a picturesque setting and often host groups for photography. In addition, we can bring some of our petting zoo animals out for birthdays and other events.  We hope to add a carriage service in the future. Visitors learn about where food comes from, how to grow gardens and about the care and uses of various farm animals. We raise a variety of animals on the farm but we specialize in breeding, raising and training, Gypsy Vanner Horses. We offer outside breeding with our stallions, as well as, Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale of all ages. Please feel free to contact us regarding horses and hobby farm animals we have or to schedule a visit to our farm!

In 2007 we purchased our farm along Foote Creek just north of Wiley Park in Aberdeen. In 2008 we discovered our love for gypsy horses went I bought our first QH-gypsy cross. Amazed by his calm and willing attitude, we began to look for a purebred. As fate would have it we found Jack Flash in a small town just west of ours. This handsome Gypsy Cob stallion bred by a traveling family in the UK, who had found his way to Ipswich SD in 2002, immediately won our hearts with his beautiful look and sweet personality. Since we purchased Flash in 2009 we have slowly been building our herd. We now have a herd that includes three lovely purebred stallions, three imported gypsy mares and several other lovely US born mares with excellent bloodlines. We researched each of our horses extensively and are selective in our breeding, in order to compliment the strengths of each horse.

Gypsy horses are wonderful partners suited best for driving and all around riding, since their arrival in the United States they are showing up in dressage, endurance,  jumping and various other English and western riding events and of course anything connected with driving. They also have a wonderful ability to connect with humans and because of their docile nature are excellent for Therapeutic Riding Programs. We volunteer, as well as, offer free leases on some of our riding gypsy horses to SPURS Therapeutic Riding Center in Aberdeen SD.  Our local non-profit, therapy riding center. Please look them up and volunteer or donate if you are local and want a very fulfilling adventure! If you aren’t local please check into Therapeutic Riding programs in you area, they truly enhance the lives of the riders and volunteers!

Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us regarding horses or farm visits.